Svend Kreiner

Associate professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen.


AMI kursus:



            Data til øvelsen



Courses (in Danish)


Research interests:

Analysis of categorical data.

I have worked with several topics under this heading. Particular interests are

    • Rasch models and other item response models.
    • Graphical models for ordinal categorical data.
    • Analysis of repeated ordinal measurements.






Most of my work on analysis of ordinal categorical data has been implemented in a program, SCD, for statistical analysis of categorical data. DIGRAM started life (too many years ago) as a series of stand alone programs. An early version collecting procedures for analysis of high-dimensional contingency tables by Discrete Graphical Models was called DIGRAM. DIGRAM has since then been included in the larger SCD package now supporting:


    • Analysis by graphical models.
    • Analysis by graphical and loglinear Rasch models.
    • Analysis by multi-dimensional Markov chain models.
    • Analysis of marginal and conditional homogeneity of repeated ordinal measurements.
    • Analysis of collapsibility of categories in multidimensional contingency tables by stepwise multiple comparison analysis.
    • Non-parametric analysis of ordinal data by loglinear models.


A ZIP file with the version 1.84 of the program, the user guide and some examples may be downloaded here: Use the “SHOW N” command if you want to see what has happened to the program, since the publication of the user guide in 2003.