J. Hilden, access to sundry material


Associate professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen.

Methods of Information in Medicine 1978-81, Errata

The Area under the ROC Curve and its Competitors [incl. the example that proves the incoherence of the ROC area] (Medical Decision Making 1991; vol. 11: pp. 95-101)

Scoring Rules for Evaluation of Prognosticians and Prognostic Rules (workshop Odense University, 1999, revised)

Bonferroni with contextual P-value transforms: a means to gain power (Multiple Comparisons Conf., Berlin 2000; annot. 2011)

Evaluation of diagnostic tests - the Schism (circulated Sept 2004; reader reactions incorporated)

NNT Analogues When Time Does Matter (ESMDM, Rotterdam 2004, PowerPoint)

The clinical value of diagnostic tests (overview, PowerPoint, 2006)

Borrelia diagnostics - statistical aspects (annotated didactic PowerPoint, 2009)

Statistics in diagnostic decision making in nuclear medicine (EANM Conference, CME Program) (annotated PowerPoint, 2007)

Graphical ... techniques for ... diagnostic test ... meta-analysis (ISCB Szeged 2005, PowerPoint)

Motorcycle accidents: On case-control design in S. Wells et al. (annotated Powerpoint presentation, Oct 2009)

Construction and interpretation of PREDICTIVENESS diagrams (Nov 2009)

Boolean Algebra and Boolean Nodes (correction, Encycl. of Med. Decis. Making 2009)

Preliminary note on: Criteria for Evaluation of Novel Risk Markers ... (Nov 2009)

Another Youden Property (Methodology Note)

Hilden & T.A. Gerds: Can IDI and NRI be trusted? (draft poster, 14th Biennial SMDM Meeting, Oslo, June 2012)

SMDM Meeting: Abstract, Math Appendices (Oslo, June 2012)

'Good-looking' statistics with nothing underneath: a warning tale (annotated powerpoint, in English, for Danish symposium, JAN 2014)

hilden-cdrgraphs-3 (Word document, draft for Cochrane manual, April 2004)
hilden-bocgraphs (Word document, describes the BoC (B over C) plot, April 2004)
NOT AVAILABLE w04-hilden-barcelona (Powerpoint presentation, Oct 2003)
NOT AVAILABLE w04-handout-Barcelona (Word document, Oct 2003)



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