Course on "Survival analysis in clinical trials - Part 2" January-February 2018

Plan of the course.

Course material for lectures:

  • Slides for recap of part 1.
  • Slides for multi-state models.
  • Slides for marginal analysis of recurrent events.
  • Course material for practicals:

  • Exercises for Part 2.
  • SAS data set for PBC3 study.
  • SAS data set for clinical trial with hypoglycemic events and drop-out.
  • SAS data set for 'rats'.
  • SAS data set for bladder cancer study.
  • SAS data set for 'rhDNAse' study.
  • Documentation for PROC PHREG.
  • SAS solutions to exercises, Part 2.
  • Literature:

  • Overview paper on multi-state models.
  • Overview paper on recurrent events.
  • Research Report by Andersen, Angst and Ravn.

    Last modified: January 2018